Saint Movie Review: St. Giuseppe Moscati: Doctor to the Poor

January 26, 2021
saint giuseppe moscati

The saints are living examples of God’s Love in action. Each saint shows us, in their own way, how we too can be like them, and live our lives with more and more love, selflessness and service. They show us what it really means to love God.

There is so much we can learn from the saints, no matter what faith tradition they come from. One of the best (and most enjoyable) ways to do this is by watching saint movies!

Saint Movie Review 

St. Giuseppe Moscati: Doctor to the Poor (2007)

This modern retelling of the true events from the life of Saint Giuseppe Moscati is one of the most relatable, moving and potentially life changing saint movies you will ever see. In Italian with English subtitles, this 3 hour look into the life of Saint Giuseppe is more than entertainment. It is food for the soul.

Unlike many saints we hear about who are monks or nuns, Giuseppe Moscati is a doctor in the world. He is a wealthy man with friends and family. He has desires for love and intimacy just like anyone else. He even could have married a princess! So what makes him so special? What makes him a saint?

saint giuseppe moscati
Giuseppe is an example of God’s compassion in action.  He exemplifies the term “loka sangraham” – living for the good of all. Throughout the movie we see him sacrificing his own personal desires for the good of the people he serves. Even when it means hurting those closest to him, he still does what is right. 

From the beginning of the film, we see how in small ways he always puts his friend Giorgio before himself; He wants him to succeed, to be happy. While at first this extends to his close friend, the same quality of putting others first later extends to his patients in the “incurables” hospital and then later on, to an even larger extent to all of the poor in Naples and beyond.

saint giuseppe moscati

Not only does Giuseppe put others before his own desires, in multiple situations he put the wellbeing of others before his own life. He showed a fearlessness in the face death, as well as towards the status quo. He always put the wellbeing of his patients before his reputation or the opinion of others. He did not care about being liked, but rather doing what is right and what is needed. He truly laid down his life for his friends to the point where the whole community was his dear friends and family.

By the end of the film, we see that Giuseppe has become a miracle worker.

This movie is packed filled scene after scene with heart opening moments that remind us of the true meaning and call of each of our lives. Not to be a doctor, but to love – to serve – to put others before our own personal desires and to inspire others to do the same. We can all strive to be more like Giuseppe Moscati.

Highly recommended, you can watch the full movie for free on YouTube! It is also available to purchase on amazon.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think of this film!


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