Singing from the Heart – Kirtan Class

February 06, 2021

HeartSong Center Events

Saturday Evening Singing from the Heart
Kirtan Class

Last Saturday of the Month, 4pm PST

Details & Q&A

In this on going kirtan and bhajan class, you will learn the overall structure of kirtan, continuously learn new bhajans and kirtans, as well as have a chance to lead a group in devotional singing in a safe and supportive envirnment.

We will focus on maximizing the potential to enjoy and share the experience of singing the Divine Names together!  

Class info
  • Each class will focus on learning at least one new kirtan or bhajan together. 
  • All classes are led by Sashwatadasananda, music teacher and USA Country Coordinator for Bhakti Marga Music. 
  • This is an ongoing event offered monthly. You may attend as much or as little as you would like.
Do I need prior knowledge of kirtan?

No prior kirtan experience required. This class is great for all experience levels. We can always learn new bhajans and enjoy singing the Divine Names together! 

Do I need to be an experienced singer?

Nope. Everyone is welcome, no matter if you are a complete newbie, or professional singer. This is a safe and supportive space.  

How much does it cost? How do I sign up?

This class is by donation. Min. $5 donation at sign up recommended.


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