How to Connect to Love in Uncertain Times

May 18, 2020

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has left many of us in a state of great uncertainty. With our daily routines interrupted and lives turned upside down, we are confronted with a reality that can easily induce feelings of anxiety and unrest. Many people have confronted loss, fear of death, financial uncertainty, and isolation. If you have experienced heightened stress levels that have affected your relationships and peace of mind, please know that you are not alone

How can we stay calm and peaceful during these trying times? How can we stay centered in the heart when negativity seems to be all around us? The answers to these questions are found inside – not within the physical walls that confine us, but deep within our hearts

It is Love.

How do we get in touch with this Love? One powerful way is through meditation.

What does meditation have to do with love?

So often we think of meditation as trying to empty the mind of thoughts and desires. But rarely do common new age meditation techniques bring lasting, tangible change or an experience of something greater within us. If we do receive any relief, it is often temporary. Life, as usual, pulls us back, and the mind again starts with its seemingly endless, not so productive chatter.

The mind is often compared to that of a monkey, jumping from branch to branch, or thought to thought, never settled, never calm. I have heard many people say, “I can’t meditate. The thoughts just don’t stop.” But this isn’t the meditator’s fault. What if there was another way to calm the mind? A different way to meditate?

Rather than trying to achieve a state of emptiness, we are called to be fully human – full of Love, living with purpose and a deeper meaning in our lives. This is why here at HeartSong, we offer a way to calm the mind that is centered in the heart. 

A guided meditation
(excerpt from the book Just Love: The Essence of Everything, V1

“Now, we will do a simple meditation. I love to do this little meditation. 

  • I ask you to take your hand and place it in front of your heart chakra – not on, but in front. 
  • Feel each beat of your heart.
  • Focus your attention on your breathing. Listen. God has given you ears, so listen to your inhaling and exhaling. The more you listen to your inhaling and exhaling, the more the mind will get calmer and calmer. 
  • And, at the same time, feel the vibration emanating from your heart to your hand and from your hand to your heart. 
  • Relax yourself. Concentrate on your breathing and on your feeling. 
  • When you are inhaling and exhaling, just inhale and exhale, without a pause in between.
  • Now, place your hand on your heart, without any pressure. If you can, feel the millions of thrills going through your heart. 

That’s Love. If you felt it, this is what I am talking about. If you have not felt it, keep practicing it. Once you have felt it inside of you, look and touch a plant, touch a tree and you will see how life flows, hold an animal and feel what is going through that animal. Then you will know what life is and you will realise your Self not in a limited way, but in an unlimited way. You will realise the cosmic you!” 

Guided meditations are one of many tools we can use to calm the mind and connect to the love within. To learn more ways to transform the mind with love, check out our upcoming events and workshops, like our Simply Meditation online course

In these challenging times, we need these tools now more than ever. By learning how to ease our stress and connect to our hearts through meditation, we will experience more patience, joy, and love than we ever thought possible. 

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